Awakening rudely or not

We are both struck by the twin pulls of leaving the land untouched and starting to actively change the site.

Today I drove up the new track a bit rough and muddy yet, and then we walked up to the area cleared for a traditional wooden barn we hope to raise next Spring and I was completely excited by the effect of the change. We have a Boreen and a car park.

However, I was simutaneously uncomfortable with the scar on the earth and the torn away Bracken and Gorse. How would we rationalise this. Its in our nature to do so. We want to plant more, create more habitats, and produce organic food. But we are using this big machine that would be equally at home tearing up a rainforest.

We want to do so much by traditional labour and yet the track would have taken us months to create. So for now we make our first compromises. We would like to try to use only pre-modern material here as an experiment in a post oil and large manifacturing based materials world, but wonder will we be able to keep the discipline.