Harm the land to save it?

Today, after lots of delays, the track machine (very big digger)
finally arrived. I found it challenging to reconcile my image of
Carraig Dulra as an oasis, with the need to establish better access for
(unsustainable) vehicles.

I was on the land yesterday, before the digger arrived, watching and
listening to a bird flying amongst the bracken. I tried to come up with
a vision to explain our intentions to the land and to that bird, and to
justify tearing up some areas, for the sake of something better. The
image I saw was a bend in the road in our relationship with nature;
Carraig Dulra as a place to enter going in one direction, and hopefully
leave on a new heading.

So as a link between the old and new, we are of both worlds, and
need to be accessible (literally as well as intellectually) to both.