More Siteworks: back from the brink

The winter rains have shown up the spots where the track isn't up to snuff for driving. We had a few visitors stuck at the bottom in quite deep mud, luckily they all got out, although there is the possibility that some of cars sank in so deeply we can't see them.

The professional perscription: another dose of heavy machinery, taken with 40 tons more materials and various plastic drainage pipes.

So the Reigning Champion (egoistic desire for results at a fast pace), squares off against the slower Challenger (who works with changes at a more organic pace).

I found myself talking about buying a mini digger, because it would be more practical than continuing to hire one each time we had work to do, and there's lots more we could do with it etc. Suzie calls this the Whirlpool: a way of thinking that sucks you in more strongly the closer you get to it.

Ok, we've got courses coming up and need to take deliveries of our heritage apple trees, so I promise we'll get the track right before then, and it will unfortunately involve some level of unsustainable intervention.

But having faced and barely escaped from the tempting vortex, I hope I will be wiser next time I have to venture near...

...which will be very soon as we want to get up 500 meters of deer fencing before we plant the apple trees.