Reach for the sky, or the top of Yurt at least.

Our first course with Frank Albrecht Feng Shui consultant and diviner was a success, but leaves room for improvement. One friend remarked on how we get things done because we don't wait until everything is perfect before beginning. Perhaps, we certainly pushed that method to the limit with our first course as unforeseen delays meant the track still had issues, and participants parked at the bottom of it and walked up. The truck delivering the shed for the compost toilet got stuck a few days earlier, delaying the finishing touches to the compost toilet to the day of the course.

The day dawned bright, clear, and freezing. We learned that we should have had the fires burning first thing as the brazier was too smokey to move inside the yurt until after lunch. Luckily lunch was a hearty warm treat. Next time we will provide a hot drink on arrival too! After lunch Frank was able to remove his gloves indoors and then his coat.

The day was very interesting and we were delighted that according to Frank the land, and the site of the barn/classroom, has a lot going for it in Feng Shui and positive energy terms.

One more thing for next time: get the yurt up more than a day early so that we have time for minor adjustments like closing in the gaps.

We hope our participants got as much out of the day as we did. They all seemed to and gave us nice feedback. One even said she was happy to be used as a guinea pig